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Modern Leadership in the Making Workshops

The program Modern Leadership in the Making programme is targeting university students who show a potential of becoming leaders in their fields of interest. The program is motivated by the lack of modern-style leadership in the Western Balkan region, which results in anachronistic cultural and economic prerogatives within the local communities. Such communities struggle with their cultural identity and economic perspectives in the today’s globalized world driven by fast technological development and cultural evolution.

These challenges facing the Western Balkan countries call for a new style of leadership that requires strong soft skills and a good understanding of technical and natural sciences.

This is why we target students in different fields of study, from social disciplines and humanities to technical and natural sciences. The program in 2014 is supported by the US Embassy in Zagreb and it consists of two workshops, one in Serbia (Petnica, June 3-8) and one in Croatia (Čakovec, August 26-31). Each workshop has training sessions combined with leadership lectures in the networking part of the workshop schedule.

The training topics cover: communication techniques, media as communication channels, lobbying, evidence-based policy, fundraising, and entrepreneurship.

Student participants will be also given tasks to work on collaborative projects between the workshops. The aim is to transfer critical skills to young people, encourage them to become active participants in youth-policy making and give them a diverse initial professional networking that they can utilize for their projects or later in their career.
More information about workshops in 2014: