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Lecturers at Modern Leadership in the Making 2014

mozaikStudents participating at the Modern Leadership in the Making workshops in 2014 will have an opportunity to learn from the following lecturers and trainers (the list is not complete yet).

Albert Dr. Bruce M. Alberts served as as one of President Obama’s first three United States Science Envoys (2009-2011) and as Editor-in-Chief of Science (2008-2013). Alberts holds the Chancellor’s Leadership Chair in Biochemistry and Biophysics for Science and Education at the University of California, San Francisco, to which he returned after serving two six-year terms as the president of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS). Dr. Alberts is noted as one of the original authors of The Molecular Biology of the Cell, a pre-eminent textbook in the field now in its fifth edition. Alberts has earned many honors and awards, including 16 honorary degrees. He currently serves on the advisory boards of more than 25 nonprofit institutions, including the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP). – more
KirbyMichael D. Kirby is the current U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia. Before that he served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs in Washington, D.C. Prior to holding this position in Washington, he served as the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova. He is a career Foreign Service Consular Officer with nearly 32 years of service in the State Department. Immediately prior to being named Ambassador to Moldova, he was the Consul General in the U.S. Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, which was then the State Department’s largest nonimmigrant visa post. – more
VerbicSrđan Verbić is the Serbian Minister of Science, Education and Technology. Before that he was the head of the Center for Exams at the Institute for Education Quality and Evaluation in Belgrade. He holds a PhD in physics from the University of Belgrade, but his passion is science education. His activities included: developing national exams, coordinating PISA science team, coordinating Petnica international programs, running of Petnica Students’ Science Conference, and he is member and co-founder of the Society for Promotion and Popularization of Science. – more
 NardiMargaret H. Nardi is the Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Zagreb. Nardi has served 20 years in the State Department. Before arriving in Zagreb in August 2013, she served as Director of Regional Policy in the Counter-Terrorism Bureau at the State Department in Washington, leading the development of counter-terrorism policy for each region around the world. She has served as Deputy Director and Director of the Office of North African Affairs in the Bureau of Near East Asia, and as the Deputy Director in the Political-Military Affairs Office in Ankara, Turkey. Additionally, Maggie served as the Croatia desk officer from 2001-2003, worked on peace-keeping missions in the Balkans from 1999-2001, did economic and commercial work in El Salvador and political and consular work in Warsaw, Poland.
CvetojevicSaša Cvetojević, angel investor and CEO of Insako, is a successful entrepreneur with years of experience in the health care sector, mobile communications industry and supply chain management. He is the founder and owner of a number of companies and health care institutions in Croatia. Saša is also actively involved with CRANE (Croatian Business Angel Network) and has invested in eight startups some of which are already leading companies in their respective industries and are generating revenue in the global marketplace. Saša is also a member of the Board of the Croatian Employers Association and has been a member of the Croatian negotiation team during the accession process to the European Union in the area of health and consumer protection. In 2012, together with three partners he founded the ZIP, Zagreb’s Entrepreneurial Incubator. – more
DerkMatija Derk is an Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds of the Republic of Croatia. Before that he was the Director at Regional Development Agency – REDEA Ltd. in the county of Međimurje. As the director of REDEA he had served as Project Leader on numerous projects funded through various EU programmes (CARDS, INTERREG, Intelligent Energy Europe, IPA, etc). Before REDEA he worked as a Project Manager at the Ministry for European Integration, Directorate for Coordination of EU Assistance and Cooperation Programs. Matija holds an MA in International Relations from Dublin City University, and a BSc. in Political Sciences from University of Zagreb. – more
 StaceyStacey Kennedy is currently Area Vice President South East Europe in Philip Morris which encompasses eight markets: Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo, together employing over 1200 people. Stacey served as Vice President Sales Strategy for Philip Morris International, at its Operations Center in Lausanne, Switzerland until April 2013. – more
SmolovicMiro Smolović is a professional Manager with 20 years of experience in providing services within corporate, private and non-governmental sectors. He presently holds a position of a Senior Manager responsible for managing PwC’s Academy in Serbia. With a BSBA in Management accredited by the prestigious City University, College of Management, Bellevue, (USA) and a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (USA), Miro is an experienced project manager with acknowledged expertise in the modalities of Project Cycle Management techniques and EC, World Bank, USAID and other guidelines for the implementation of technical assistance projects. – more
PotocnikDunja Potočnik, a Scientific Associate at the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, received a PhD in sociology from the University of Zagreb. She is a member of the Steering Committee of the Science and Society Synergy Institute where she runs projects in the field of science popularisation and policy driven research projects. Her scientific work includes topics on youth employment, general youth policy, youth and new technologies, social structure and sociology of professions. Dunja has been active in committees at the European Commission and the Council of Europe working on science, education and youth policies. She has experience in establishing and running national and international non-governmental associations in the field of science policy. – more
bozicNikola Božić is employed at Petnica Science Center as the head of the Department of Science, and head of Program of Astronomy. He is an astronomer and science communicator. He is writing popular scientific articles and giving popular public scientific lectures. He is the author and designer of the Astronomical room at the biggest regional scientific fair and festival “Festival nauke”. He is the author and the mentor of a few dozens of the scientific papers. He is the member of the Executive board of the Society of Astronomers of Serbia, the president of the it’s Committee for cooperation with amateur organizations, and secretary of the Serbian National Astronomical Olympic Committee (body for astronomical competitions). – more
vinkovicDejan Vinković is Executive Director of Science and Society Synergy Institute. After receiving his PhD in physics from the University of Kentucky, Dejan moved to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton where he worked for four years. After that he became an Associate Professor at the Physics Department at the University of Split, Croatia. Dejan is actively involved in various research activities in astrophysics and astronomy, biology, sociology and computer science. His research results have been published in some of the top science journals. Dejan is also very active in science outreach and education. – more
PecnikBojan Pečnik is an astrophysicist by profession with a doctorate from the Max Planck Institute in Germany and a degree from the International Space University. He is currently the science director of Technology-Innovation Centre Međimurje and the CTO of Hipersfera Ltd. Hypersphere is a cutting-edge, high technology airship platform that continuously monitors Earth above a certain geographical area. He was an expert assistant of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport for the FP7-Space area at the European Commission. – more
NastasThomas D. Nastas is founder of Innovative Ventures Inc (IVI), one of two venture investors financing technology in Michigan in the 1980’s from the University of Michigan and Michigan State University including Neogen (NEOG: NASDAQ), AISI Inc. (acquired by ESI, ESIO: NASDAQ, USA), and Personal Bibliographic Systems (acquired by Thompson Financial, NYSE: TRI). His work focuses on driving global initiatives to overcome the cultures of risk to unlock and mobilize local funding for more investment, technology, and entrepreneurship. – more
maticNebojša Matić is entrepreneur, owner and General Manager of Mikroelektronika – a company based in Belgrade, Serbia, which manufactures and sells microcontroller development boards, accessory boards, compilers and books. – more
Tanja Tanja Novak is a Program Editor at Aljazeera Balkans. She has been working as a journalist (on radio and TV) since she was 17. She worked for various media (Croatian TV, BBC World Service, RTL TV, Nova TV, Otvoreni radio and many independent productions) as a reporter or editor. She received stipends from several programs for professional training in journalism by Open Society Foundation, German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Deutsche Welle, US Embassy in Zagreb, UK Embassy. In addition to her professional career in journalism, she is active as a volunteer in various projects connected to theater: translation of several drama plays, co-founder of and adviser to “Ludens teatar” in Koprivnica.
BogojevicAleksandar Bogojević is the Deputy Director of the Institute of Physics in Belgrade. He received BS degree at the University of Belgrade in 1983, obtained the M.A. degree in Physics at the Columbia University in 1985, and the PhD degree at Brown University in 1989. He served as a postdoctoral fellow at the Niels Bohr Institute from 1989 to 1991. From 1991 he works in the Institute of Physics in Belgrade, and was founding director of the Institute of New Technologies in Belgrade in 2000. His specialization is in the field of high energy physics and quantum field theory. – more
Bajuk Lidija Bajuk is an assistant at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research in Zagreb, where she is completing her PhD. She already has a career as a professional writer and musician, and two Bachelor Degrees: one from the Teacher’s College and another in ethnology and anthropology. Lidija’s professional music career began in 1998 although her first public performances occurred at the concerts of John Mayall and Joan Baez in 1987 and 1989 in then-Yugoslavia. She is one of the founders of the contemporary Croatian ethnic music scene. Her released six music albums, six books of poems, two story-tales and recently more scientific papers. She is co-operating with ecological and humanitarian associations and with a number of Croatian and foreign musicians. Her interpretations have introduced her audience into old and forgotten Croatian traditional songs. – more
AnticicTome Antičić is the director of Ruđer Bošković Institute – the largest science institute in Croatia. Before that he was the Head of Department of Experimental Physics at the Institute. He holds a Ph.D. in experimental high energy physics from Johns Hopkins University and M.Sc. from Cambridge University. He has been a coordinator of several research projects, an active member of large international scientific experiments and an external expert in various committees appointed by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. – more
veljovicEdin Veljović is a Senior Management Consultant and a Trainer at PwC’s Academy with extensive experience gained in both the profit and non-profit sectors providing services to multinational companies, small and medium sized enterprises, government departments and agencies and engaging himself in EU funded projects. Edin holds diplomas from respectable business schools and institutes in the UK such as the University of Sheffield Management School (Executive MBA programme), the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Chartered Institue of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the Institute of Consulting (IC) which helped him boost his career prospects and update his professional experience. Edin experience background includes seeking creating and implementing various initiatives within both the profit and non-profit organisations and industry sectors such as the telecommunications, FMCG, public relations, IT, steel industry, rubber industry, textile industry, education, pharmaceuticals, publishing and healthcare sectors. – more
VukovicVuk Vuković is an assistant lecturer and researcher at the Department of Economics of the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, where he teaches Political Economy, Principles of Economics, and International Economics. He received his MS degree from the London School of Economics in the field of political economy. During his studies he attended summer schools at the University of California at Berkeley and at Harvard University. He was also a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge, Clare College during the summer of 2013. Previous to ZSEM he worked in London for the British Chambers of Commerce. He is also a research fellow for the Adam Smith Institute in London, and periodically writes articles and op-eds for a number of foreign and domestic newspapers and think tanks. – more
LabusMiroljub Labus is an economist and politician. He is a University of Belgrade professor, lecturing political economy at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. He is also an adviser to the Executive Board of PricewaterhouseCoopers. He was the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia from March 2004 to May 2006. – more
PesekRatko Pesek is a versatile entrepreneur, founder of Qmini Ltd. – a regional leader in new technologies, internet marketing and visual communications. With 13 years of experience in these areas, a multitude of projects and satisfied clients, he is known for its innovative approach in managing teams and generating solutions. Areas of personal interest are internet marketing in the broadest sense of the word, graphic design, multimedia, education aimed at increasing awareness of the benefits of Internet technologies and networking with like-minded people. – more
IvanVukovicIvan Vuković holds a Bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship Economics from Vern University of Applied Sciences, and he completed a joint leadership program between Georgian Court University (USA) and Vern University. He has experience in fundraising for NGO sector and management of EU and national projects. Ivan was Executive Assistant of the Croatian Lobbyists Association from 2008-2013. He has been working in the field of public administration, and has analyzed Croatian legislation, public policies, public relations and EU accession related activities. Ivan organized a number of workshops, seminars and other professional events for national and international audiences. – more
OBrien Tony O`Brien is the Director of the British Council for the Western Balkans. He hase a law degree from Cambridge, a postgraduate diploma from Manchester and an MA from the Institute of Education in London. He has lived and worked in Egypt, Iran. Morocco, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Poland and now Serbia. Since 1978 he has been with the British Council and has moved to a new country every four years on average. – more
VlahovicekKristian Vlahoviček holds a PhD in Bioinformatics and works as a Professor in Computational Biology at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and an adjunct professor at the University of Oslo, Norway. He won the EMBO Young Investigators Programme installation grant and has been running an internationally competitive research group in Croatia for past 10 years. His bioinformatics group develops computational tools and uses machine learning techniques to tackle open questions in developmental genomics and metagenomics. Kristian is a strong proponent of science reforms in Croatia and evidence-based policy making. He served in the steering committee of Croatia’s successful science funding body, the Unity through Knowledge Fund (UKF) and has participated in several strategy-drafting panels at the university and national level. He was also one of the independent experts for the World Bank regional R&D strategy for innovation and data provider for the Croatia’s Smart Specialisation Strategy. Kristian is the owner of Exaltum – a research intensive company focused on knowledge management and the author of the Croatian Scientific Landscape project. – more
KolaricAleksandra Kolarić has extensive experience in strategic communication management and public relations. For 10 years, she was regional Comm&Marketing Director for Deloitte, and prior to that she was the Spokesperson for Croatian Government. Today Aleksandra owns a communication consultancy company and serves several Croatian companies and other organisations. She has comprehensive lecturing experience, with Croatian universities & colleges
VlahovicNatko Vlahović is the Founder and Managing Director of VLAHOVIC GROUP LLC, the first specialized government relations and political lobbying firm in Croatia. He is also a Co-founder and Managing Director of the Croatia-EU Business Council, a first Brussels-based organization advocating and promoting Croatian business interests in the EU. Since January 2014, Natko is an External Member of the European Affairs Committee within the Croatian Parliament. Since July 2013, he is the President of the Croatian Lobbying Association (CLA), an NGO advocating for the regulation of lobbying and mandatory registration for those who wish to influence the executive or legislative branches of government. Natko completed a Fellowship Programme in Public Policy at Patton Boggs LLP in Washington D.C. and holds a B.A. in Political Science from St. Francis College, USA, an M.A. in Croatian Political System and Administration from the Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb and an Executive M.B.A. from the Bled School of Management in Slovenia. – more
LucicSlađana Lučić is a news editor at Al Jazeera Balkans. Before that she worked as a manager at the public relations agency Abrakadabra, and before that as a news director at RTL television (Croatian branch). All toghether she has more than 15 years of experience as a journalist in national, regional and local newspapers and televisions.
cabriloAleksandar Čabrilo is the CEO of High Tech Engineering Center (HTEC) – an engineering company specialized for software development, custom electronics and embedded systems development. The company was founded in September 2008, with headquarters in Belgrade, Serbia and developments centers in Belgrade and Niš, HTEC is central Europe’s high quality, but cost effective development center. – more
MilovanovicSlobodan Milovanović is pursuing his PhD in computational finance with numerical analysis at the Uppsala University. He has been an assistant at Petnica Science Center for more than 5 years. He holds B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the University of Belgrade. He organized the Winter School of Astronomy in 2008 as a science popularization program in astronomy, consisting of lectures, exercises and observations, aimed at freshman year high-school students. – more
ivicMilica Ivić is HR manager at Limundo – an online auction platform in Serbia that sells clothing, accessories, electronics, and home appliances. – more
NovoselIvan Novosel received his Master Degree from the University of Split in education in physics and computer science. Since 2007 Ivan has participated in the Summer Science Factory (SSF) project, at first as a mentor in educational activities and after 2009 as the project manager. He is now a project coordinator of educational activities at the Science and Society Synergy Institute. He was the president of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Student Association (2007-2008), and a member of the Student Club of Faculty of Science. Ivan took part at numerous scientific and expert seminars in Croatia and abroad and is actively engaged in science outreach. Apart from organizing and managing SSF project he also took incentive in organizing several science popularization activities through the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Student Association. His professional plans are related to science education and science outreach. – more
TatalovicMićo Tatalović is the news editor at SciDev.Net. Mićo commissions news and feature articles for the website and oversees their editing. During his time at SciDev.Net Mićo was shortlisted for the Best Newcomer (2011) and the Best News Item (2012) at the British Association of Science Writers’ annual awards. He also won Best Article at the EU-funded project RELATE –REsearchLAbs for TEaching journalists (2011) – and the Next Generation of Science Journalists competition (2012) co-organised by the World Federation of Science Journalists. He is actively involved in promoting quality science journalism in South-East Europe, including through advising local governments. – more
KosicekMarko Košiček holds a PhD in Chemistry and works at the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb in the Group for Neurodegenerative Disease Research, Division of Molecular Medicine. In addition to chemistry, Marko’s passion is science communication and popularization. He is actively involved in Zagreb Science Festival, he often gives public talks, in 2008 he won Croatian and International FameLab competition in popular science presentations, he is preparing young Croatian representatives for International Chemistry Olympiad and he has been actively involved in the Summer School of Science (S3) program as a project leader and organizer. Together with his S3 colleges, Marko founded “Society for Out of Frame Education” NGO in 2011 with the mission to educate all age groups in the area of critical thinking. He also runs a popular science TV show on Croatian Television. – more
cirkovicMilan M. Ćirković is Senior Research Associate at the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade and Assistant Professor of the Department of Physics at the University of Novi Sad in Serbia and Montenegro. Milan’s interests include astrobiology and SETI studies, the evolution of galaxies and baryonic dark matter, the philosophy of science (especially philosophy of cosmology and quantum mechanics), future studies (in particular related to existential risks and transhumanism), science fiction, and the history of physical sciences. Milan is co-editor with dr. Nick Bostrom of the 2008 volume Global Catastrophic Risks from Oxford University Press. – more
MiklousicIgor Mikloušić is a psychologist working as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Social Sciences “Ivo Pilar”. His research interest are evolutionary and personality psychology, focusing mostly on evolution of religiosity, morality and cooperation. In 2011 Igor received a short term research grant at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Anthropology and Mind, and is currently one of the investigators on the project Ritual, Memory, and Intergroup Relations among Croatian War Veterans, contributing to a University of Oxford’s Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology project Ritual’s Impact on the Contemporary World funded by the Templeton Foundation. Mr Mikloušić is also principal investigator on the project Psycho-social Factors Influencing Strengthening and Life Quality Enhancement of Croatian War veterans, funded by the Croatian Ministry of Veteran Affairs. – more
Mestric Hrvoje Meštrić is the executive director of the Business Innovation Croatian Agency – BICRO, a central governmental institution for innovation and technology transfer support. Before that he was the director at the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, managing the team responsible for implementation of the government programs in science and research: research fellowships, projects and infrastructure financed both from national budget and EU/World Bank projects. He is the expert for strategic planning and development of research and innovation policy and programs. Prior to this he was the first manager of the successful Unity through Knowledge Fund – the program for funding international cooperation of Croatian researchers with diaspora. Hrvoje studied physics at University of Zagreb and holds PhD degree from Darmstadt University of Technology. – more
JerasGoran Jeras is a physicist whose years of experience as a financial consultant in the Netherlands prompted him to return to Croatia and promote ethical banking. He is now the manager of the newly established Cooperative for Ethical Finance and initiator of the establishment of the first ethical bank in Croatia.
BubnjevicSlobodan Bubnjević was educated as a physicist, but he works as a reporter for the Belgrade weekly “Vreme”, and is governing communications for the Center for the Promotion of Science in Belgrade. He published a collection of short stories, his plays have been broadcasted on Radio Belgrade, and he is the founder of the literary website “Male novine.” – more
FilipajJelena Filipaj holds a university degree as a professor of foreign languages, but she gained initial experience in the advertising agency Unex by participating in the development of communication strategies of leading Croatian and international companies. With a degree in General Management from the Bled School of Management she specialized in the field of organization and management, which greatly helped in her further business career which she continued in the creative-production company Aquis where, as a special projects manager, she participated in the realization of promotional projects of various profiles. Since 2011 she has been actively engaged in non-profit projects popularizing science which she, along with her fellow enthusiasts, developed and implemented throughout Croatia. One such project is the “Science Picnic”, the most visited Croatian popular-scientific event in the open, on which she worked as a manager and program coordinator for the first two years. At the beginning of 2014 she moved on to new challenges by joining the Production Team firm.
Sikic Mile Šikić is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Electronic Systems and Information Processing, FER, University of Zagreb. He works in a number of computer science areas, but primarily in bioinformatics, computational biology, signal proceessing and data mining. He also works in the field of complex networks. In the past he worked as a team member and project manager in various software and consulting projects in telecommunication area. Recently his projects cover the topics of information propagation on Facebook and systemic risks of defaults in the banking system – more
KresicHrvoje Krešić is a journalist and TV reporter at RTL Hrvatska. Before that he was a journalist for Novi List daily newspaper. In 2012 he received a fellowship from the Reuters Institute for Study of Journalism, University of Oxford. In 2008 he received the European Young Journalist Award for article “Buyers of clean air or clear conscience – sales of emission units of greenhouse gases in the EU”. Next year he received Croatian Journalists Association Annual Award for Best Article Published in Print Media for his series of articles from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Palestinian Territories. – more
ZlaticVinko Zlatić is a research associate working at the Theoretical Physics division of the Institute Ruđer Bošković in Zagreb. He is a researcher of complex systems and more specifically complex networks. He was a leader of Ruđer Bošković node on the big FP7 project FOC-II “forecasting financial crisis” and is currently leading the same node on the FP7 project Multiplex. His special interests are models of random networks and influence of network topological characteristics on its functionality. On the FOC-II project he was working on measures of non-equilibricity in trading systems and the measurement of a subclass of systemic risk named cascade risk. He is currently working on the possible application of network infrastructure for encryption of information and on the problem of optimal redundancy of functionalities on multiplex complex networks. – more
MarkicevicBojan Markičević received his Master Degree from the University of Zagreb in physics. He is the initiator and board member of interdisciplinary international association Consol – “Constructive solutions and conflict resolution activities in conflict areas”. Bojan has organized and moderated more than 50 seminars, lectures and workshops and held numerous popular scientific lectures and seminars. In 2010 Bojan received Wiser-U award for the most interdisciplinary project, and the best project by public, Beijing, China (2 out of 6 awards in the international competition). Apart from science popularization and social engagement Bojan is also actively involved in student associations. He is a founder and first president of Faculty of Science student club “Ćumez” ( and founder and first president of Faculty of Science student association “Primus”. Bojan also was one of the founders of SoS-PMF, alliance of organized students from Faculty of Science and the head organizer of Student Supervising Elections (ĆONG) initiative. Bojan is Editor-in-chief of Science on Air radio show at the Radio SC in Zagreb.


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