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Students: Apply for Modern Leadership in the Making Workshops

We live in a rapidly changing society, driven by science and technology, viewed through the “eyes” of Internet/radio/TV, and guided by public policies immersed in the globalized world. This creates an environment where effective leaders need a complex set of skills.
Modern Leadership in the Making workshops target university students (within the first 5 years of Bologna program) in Croatia and Serbia and offer them training on topics of communication techniques, media as communication channels, lobbying, evidence-based policy, fundraising, and entrepreneurship. Students can be from any field of study –  from social disciplines and humanities to technical and natural sciences. The program in 2014 is supported by the US Embassy in Zagreb and it consists of two workshops, one in Serbia (Petnica, June 3-8) and one in Croatia (Čakovec, August 26-31). Each workshop has training sessions combined with leadership lectures in the networking part.
Student participants will be also given tasks to work on collaborative projects between the workshops. The aim is to transfer critical skills to young people, encourage them to become active participants in youth-policy making and give them a diverse initial professional networking that they can utilize for their projects or later in their career.
 The program will be limited to no more than 30 participants (15 from Croatia, 15 from Serbia), in order to facilitate discussion and networking. Organizers will cover travel costs (bus/train) and the food and accommodation costs of the participants.

The deadline for applications is May 11, 2014. Selection will be done based on the answers provided in the application form.apply-button

The training session will cover the following topics:
  • communication skills (individual and institutional public relation, verbal and nonverbal communication, presentations, mass communication, …);
  • media as communication channels (how different types of media work, how to communicate with journalists, how to combine social and traditional media,…);
  • lobbying (what is modern business/legislative/political lobbying, how it works on local/national/international scale, where and how to use lobbying, …);
  • evidence-based policy (how to increase the effectiveness of policy measures through the use of rigorous evidence about the policy implementations)
  • fundraising (types of fundraising in public/private sectors, how to organize fundraising activities, investment/donation pitch, …)
  • entrepreneurship (from idea to business, rules of startups, investment phases, technology transfer, link between science/academia and entrepreneurship, …)
mozaikThe leadership lectures will be given by eminent individuals with various backgrounds: politics, business, academia, media, education, arts, etc. The lectures will be 20-30 minutes in length and they will give insights into important contemporary issues on regional or global scale. Informal discussions will be encouraged during breaks, lunch, and evenings, abetted by a relaxed atmosphere. This will help participants to build stronger networking between each other and with the lecturers, in addition to working in groups during training sessions.
If further information is needed, feel free to contact dejan_at_iszd_hrapply-button

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