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Meetings in 2014 will be held in Petnica (Serbia) at Petnica Science Center (PSC) and in Čakovec (Croatia) at Technology and Innovation Centre Međimurje.
PSC (GoogleMaps) is the biggest and, probably, the oldest independent nonprofit organization for extracurricular, informal science education in South Eastern Europe. Since 1982 Petnica has organized more than 2,500 programs (seminars, workshops, research camps…) for nearly 50,000 students and science teachers in 15 disciplines of science, technology and humanities. PSC started as a student initiative 30 years ago and it is a living example of how much can be achieved through leadership led by young people. Even today, the main principle of Petnica’s education programs is to engage young people to teach younger generations. Participants of our leadership program will have an opportunity to experience the spirit of PSC and see how science education can be exciting for kids and students and why this matters.
Technology and Innovation Centre Međimurje (TICM) is a business incubator that started in 2009 as a project of the Regional Development Agency Međimurje – REDEA Ltd. Science and Society Synergy Institute is also incubated within TICM (GoogleMaps). TICM is a part of the Knowledge Centre, which is hosting a higher education institution and institutions that support the development of Međimurje County. The purpose of TICM is to foster technological development of the region by developing technology infrastructure and by creating conditions for employing young experts. It provides conditions for incubation of knowledge-based startups and for providing services of technology transfer and commercialization of innovation. The concept of the Knowledge Centre is another example of local leadership with a vision to change their community for the better. With the entrance of Croatia to the European Union this local initiative has now become one of the most vibrant and exciting places in Croatia when it comes to envisioning new, innovative concepts of local community development